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Neighborhood Mini Hubs

Nashville MTA is working on plans to add two neighborhood transit mini-hubs that will provide better transit and pedestrian connectivity through cross-town bus connections, more local transfer points for riders, and a safe and secure waiting area.

The new transit mini-hubs will be strategically located in North Nashville and near the Harding/Nolensville Pike intersection in southeast Nashville. Each mini-hub facility is designed to connect transit users to neighborhoods, commercial areas, parks, greenways and other recreational facilities, and will include a litany of pedestrian-friendly amenities for those wishing to access the greater MTA transit system.

Secure bike racks will give cyclists the option to store their bicycles while riding transit. Upgraded crosswalks, sidewalks, lighting and pedestrian signals will help ensure the safety of those who are walking to and from the mini-hub. The well-lit and secure shelters will give riders cover from the elements while they wait.

A majority of feedback from transit users indicated passengers want transfer points throughout the MTA system instead of having to travel to the downtown Music City Central for a connecting bus. Mini-hubs provide cross-town connections, connect routes that are already close together, focus service on significant destinations (such as malls, neighborhood centers, and BRT stops), and facilitate existing trips to create new travel opportunities.

Nashville's first mini-hub project will include the following elements:

  • Bike racks

  • Real-time bus arrival information

  • Secure ticket vending machines

  • Upgraded pedestrian infrastructure

  • Further construction services to ensure ADA accessibility

  • Security cameras

  • Paved bus bay pull-off area large enough to accommodate three 60-foot buses

  • Fully enclosed and climate-controlled shelter/waiting area with seating

  • Solar powered security lighting

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