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100 New Bus Shelters

In support of the Nashville MTA's continuing efforts to provide improved transit service with more customer-friendly amenities for transit customers, former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean included $1 million in the city's 2014-15 capital spending plan to fund additional bus shelters. On April 8, 2015, Mayor Dean, transit supporters, and community leaders celebrated the installation of one of the first new shelters in North Nashville at Buchanan Street and 9th Avenue N.


With the $1 million, transit personnel have identified locations to place 100 bus shelters throughout Metro Nashville. Shelters will be placed in areas with the highest passenger boardings, and at stops frequented by seniors and people with disabilities. Other factors that will be considered include locations that are transfer points between routes, as well as:

  • Pedestrian access

  • ADA compliance

  • Passenger safety

  • Potential ridership generators

  • Existing ridership

  • Feasibility of construction

  • Proximity to existing shelters and planned BRT shelters

As of March 2016, more than half of the 100 shelters are complete. By the end of the current fiscal year, we will have more than doubled our passenger waiting shelters over a two-year period.

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