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WeGo Public Transit
430 Myatt Drive
Nashville, TN 37115

By Phone
Administrative Offices 615-862-5969
Customer Care
       Schedule and Route Information 615-862-5950
       Lost and Found 615-862-5950, option 6
       Emergency Ride Home 615-862-5950
       Comment Line 615-862-5950
       Access 615-880-3970
       Route and Service Recommendations 615-862-5626
Communications & Public Information
       Media Relations 615-880-3932
       Website 615-862-6194
       Public Records 615-880-3932
       Film/Video 615-880-3932
       Event Participation 615-862-4620
Marketing & Sales
       Marketing 615-880-3943
       Advertising 615-645-7102
       EasyRide 615-880-3943
       StrIDe 615-862-5950
       Group Sales 615-862-6142
Civil Rights
       EEO/Affirmative Action Compliance Officer 615-880-3288
       Title VI Coordinator 615-862-4620
       ADA Coordinator 615-880-1596
       DBE Officer 615-880-3984
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
       Fraud, Waste, and Abuse 615-880-1546
This number is intended for use to report suspected fraud, waste, or abuse of Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority/Regional Transportation Authority resources. Common examples of fraud, waste, and abuse include, but are not limited to, theft or misuse of government funded resources (e.g. time, vehicles), improper use or spending of government tax dollars, violations of agency procurement policies, and contract fraud.

Contact Information
WeGo Public Transit
430 Myatt Drive
Nashville, TN 37115
ph: 615-862-5950
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