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In May, Nashville MTA will begin work on the first phase of an aggressive renovation schedule to update Music City Central, the main bus terminal. The first phase of renovations will begin in May and complete in late 2018. The second phase of the renovations is still in the early stages of planning and design, with a construction timeline expected later this year.

Phase One improvements are mostly functional, but also include a number of customer touchpoints for our every-day riders. Functionally, the facility will be cleaned extensively and resealed to protect against internal and external water damage. For customers, the existing restrooms facilities and customer service area will be rebuilt to better serve the needs of those using Music City Central.

During renovations, customers, visitors, and other members of the public can expect to experience temporary conditions, such as:

  • Boarding buses at different bays and outside the facility

  • Facility detours, no escalator or elevator access

  • Periods of limited public parking accessibility

  • Inability to hold public and community meetings at the facility

  • Relocation of customer service windows

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Please bear with us at Music City Central as we make improvemnts.
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Those arriving at the facility should be on the lookout for signage and Customer Ambassadors to help them navigate the space during improvements.

Phase Two of the project, once scheduled, will introduce new wayfinding, information displays, and additional customer amenities.

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