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Proposed Service & Fare Changes

As you may know, WeGo Public Transit is facing an $8.7 million deficit this coming fiscal year. This is due to a lot of things. Mostly, it's a loss of funding from the State, inflation, and rising costs of fuel and health care. In seeing these costs increase and another funding source decrease, we requested more money for this year's budget to maintain current service levels. However, it looks like we won't get it.

This deficit is also NOT due to a lot of things: it's not due to Nashville MTA rebranding to WeGo Public Transit; the recent renovations to Central; the purchasing of new buses – those were all paid for by a separate pool of funds that we aren't allowed to use for day-to-day bus service.

We have a responsibility to make good business decisions with what money we have to provide the most effective public service for those who rely on it. That means we had to make some tough decisions.

The changes we are proposing follow these principles:

  • To preserve service quality on routes that carry the majority of our customers;
  • To reduce or eliminate redundant services – service that is within reasonable walking distance of other routes;
  • To eliminate routes that exceed a reasonable cost to continue operating;
  • To make sure all proposed changes are equitable – across neighborhoods, across communities, across populations; and
  • To make sure that where changes completely eliminate a customer's means of transportation that we assist them in identifying new means of getting around.

The information this page is to help walk you through the proposed changes and how they may or may not affect your daily transit experience. It will also help you understand the fare and pass increases.

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