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Nashville MTA Access On Demand

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Access On Demand replacing Access?
A: No. This is an additional service offered to give customers more options to get around. Access services will not be impacted in any way. You can still schedule trips on Access as you normally do.

Q: How is Access On Demand different from normal Access services?
A: It gives Access customers the option to book a ride with the provider of their choice as few as two hours in advance.

Q: Are Access-On-Demand drivers as well trained as those currently driving for Access?
A: Yes. Drivers undergo background checks, drug and alcohol testing, and training as required by Federal guidelines for transporting customers with disabilities. We will be tracking driver licensing and currently qualified drivers.

Q: Who is eligible to use Access On Demand?
A: Anyone currently registered with Access.

Q: What times does Access On Demand operate?
A: The service is available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Q: How do I schedule a trip with Access On Demand?
A: To schedule a trip with Access On Demand, call 615-862-5678. A trip must be scheduled at a minimum of two hours in advance or at most 30 days in advance.

Q: How much does a ride using Access On Demand cost?
A: You will pay $7 for a trip up to 14 miles from the starting location. For a trip 14 miles or more from your starting location, you will be charged a $1 for every additional mile.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Trips are paid at the time of booking by credit or debit card. For providers that can accept cash, please inform the representative when booking a ride. Payment is due at the beginning of the trip.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of trips you can make using Access On Demand?
A: You are limited to four Access-On-Demand trips per day.

Q: Can my Personal Care Attendant (PCA) or a guest use the service?
A: Yes. One PCA can ride at no cost. You must notify the dispatcher at the time of booking if a PCA will join you on the trip. Up to two guests, including your PCA, can join you on your trip. There is an additional fare of $3.70 for non-PCA guests.

Q: Will Access On Demand accommodate my service animal?
A: Yes. Service animals can ride at no cost. You must notify the dispatcher at the time of booking if a service animal will join you on the trip.

Q: I use a mobility aid. Will Access On Demand be a choice for me?
A: Yes. Access On Demand is available for all Access qualified customers. Please inform the dispatcher when placing your request that you will be using a mobility device.

Q: What happens if I cancel an Access-On-Demand trip?
A: Yes. Customers must cancel at least two hours before scheduled pick up. For customers who have prepaid for a trip, either a credit will be issued for their next trip or the full amount will be credited back to their credit card.

Q: What happens if the provider cancels an Access-On-Demand trip I scheduled?
A: If the scheduled provider (e.g. a favorite driver) becomes unavailable, the customer shall be notified of the new driver and vehicle identifying information (name, license plate number, color, taxi medallion number, etc.) as soon as feasible.

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