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Doing Business with Us

The WeGo Public Transit Procurement Department conducts all purchasing activities for the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (Nashville MTA), Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennessee (RTA), and Davidson Transit Organization (DTO). The Procurement team develops and issues solicitations for all goods, inventory items, consultant and professional services, and construction projects. The Procurement & Project Administrators (PPAs) are responsible for all purchasing activities and are the primary point of contact for vendors.

As the primary point of contact on solicitations, the PPA will:

  • Conduct pre-bid meetings to discuss and clarify solicitation requirements;
  • Handle contract terms;
  • Resolve contractual differences and issue amendments;
  • Notify all participants on proposals strengths and weaknesses; and,
  • Work with project managers to ensure a competitive process.

The PPA staff makes every effort to obtain the maximum value for each dollar expended, considering the factors of price, quality, applicability, availability, support service, pertinent laws and regulations. Nashville MTA, RTA, and DTO purchases are made in two competitive ways.

  • Informal Solicitations – Requirements $149,000 or less
  • Formal Solicitations – Requirements more than $149,000

Becoming a Vendor
Being pre-registered ensures you receive direct notification of new solicitation opportunities. Get registered today.

Procurement Process and Opportunities

Solicitation opportunities are updated regularly. We encourage your business to check back periodically to look for new opportunities to work with us. Check current opportunities.

Purchase Orders and Contracts

Purchase orders or contracts are issued after an award is made to the successful firm. A copy of the signed document will be sent to the firm. A signed purchase order or contract contractually binds the firm to the terms and conditions of the signed document.

Diversity and Inclusion Program   (Learn More.)
To ensure businesses and their workforce working with our organizations represents the workforce composition of our region, we have established a Diversity and Inclusion Program. The program is to ensure that DBE, MBE, WBE, and small businesses have equal opportunities to participate in the solicitation process.

Our organizations also participate in the Tennessee Unified Certification Program (TNUCP) as a certifying agency. Read more.

For additional inquiries, please email procurement at mta.procurement@nashville.gov.

WeGo Public Transit Procurement Department
Amber Gooding, Director of Procurement and Business Diversity
430 Myatt Drive
Nashville TN 37115
Phone: 615-880-3884
Fax: 615-862-6208
or amber.gooding@nashville.gov

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WeGo Public Transit
430 Myatt Drive
Nashville, TN 37115
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